When property is your profession

For landlords and agents that manage multiple properties we offer exclusive services that are catered to your requirements:

  • Group bookings & invoicing
  • Customised paperwork with your business logo & customisations
  • Call out management for heating, hot water and gas emergencies
  • Exclusive rates for servicing & certifications
  • Discounts on new boilers & upgrades
  • Certification expiry reminders
  • Access to our online management system (Subject to application)

We already look after several prestige letting agents and corporate landlords and are happy to work with you to discuss your requirements and to develop a package that suits you and your business. Whether you'd like a dedicated engineer for continuity or have specific servicing requirements, we are here to help.

Stay safe

Just some of our services...

Exclusive rates are negotiable for routine certificates depending on the location of your property portfolio and how many properties we look after. Last minute gas inspections and tenant liason for access as well as key collection and drop off are all available through ourselves. Paperwork is issued instantly by our engineers and images of work are captured at every stage for audit purposes.

If you manage on behalf of a landlord or are a landlord with multiple properties, servicing ensures your appliances are not only safe, but also working correctly and we'll pick up as many faults as possible before the appliance breaks down, ensuring happy tenants and a lower volume of reactive calls. After all, prevention is better than cure.

When things go wrong, we'll respond promptly, ensuring the right engineer is despatched for the appliance believed to be faulty. With a healthy van stock, we can quote for all repairs or just get the job done and sort out with you later and if things do go wrong, we'll work with your and your tenants to get it put right.

If you need 24hr support, we can help. We can issue your tenants with a dedicated 24hr phone line to one of our call out engineers, once setup your tenants logs issues with us, we'll attend if needed or log the fault for you to follow the following day should an emergency visit not be required.

For prestige clients that require continuity, we can offer a dedicated engineer to your contract. Ensuring you have one face that deals with your tenants and of course, that engineer will have the backup of the rest of our team should they need it. In all cases, our engineers wear full uniforms and carry identity cards at all times, ensuring the safety of your tenants and properties.