Never heat an empty home again

Over the past few years there has been a massive increase in smart controls for heating systems and as more and more homes become connected through the Internet of Things, we have experience with a wide range of smart heating controls and have our own smart home specialist within our team.

Never heat an empty home again, automatically turn the heating off when you go out and get it on again when you are on your way back. Saving energy in this way not only helps our environment, but also helps reduce your fuel bills and it's not as expensive as you may think.

Stay safe
Welcome to the Smart Home

We offer the following products...

One of the most respected and loved smart thermostats out there, it's unique round design offers a crisp look to any home. Well designed, easy to use and smart features that integrate with your life and routine without being overly complicated to use.

A full house control system, allowing rooms to be individually programmed. Why turn on your whole house if you only want heat in one room? Great for large, multizone heating systems and those with quirky layouts. evoHome is simple to use and offers granular control of most heating systems.

Probably the most recognised name in the smart heating market thanks to it's links with British Gas. Hive offers a full smart home eco system, not only can you control your heating, but your lights and plugs too, all within a single, simple to use app on your phone.

From the same manufacturer as evoHome, the Lyric T6 and T6R offers a great single zone solution for homes that want to take advantage of smart controls but do not want to redecorate - Thanks to it's slightly larger design, it covers blemishes left by old controls with ease.

Backed by Amazon, Tado has been a long established company in the smart heating world, in fact they was one of the first. Tado offers a very simple, sleek product that can be incredibly flexible and ideal for those that want a mix of granular control and simplified operation.