Now you're cooking on gas

Restaurants, pubs, hotels, burger vans or niche coffee shops. We have gas catering engineers experienced in this environment. No matter what your needs are, it is likely that we can help with your routine maintenance and repairs.

Our engineers are certified for the majority of catering appliances both in fixed kitchens, popup kitchens and mobile kitchens. We are NCASS accredited and have undertaken works for everything from Michelin starred restaurants to large scale music festivals with street trader vans.

Stay safe

Keep the heat on...

From ranges to pressure ovens, our catering engineers are able to provide service and certification on appliances and their supplying pipework and interlock systems.

Whether you are based in a marquee or have temporary surroudings, we can work with you to assess the correct fuel supply solution to your needs and work with you to ensure you can have the appliances you need to turn raw ingredients into superior produce.

Street food has become huge in the past 5 years and we've seen a massive increase in demand for our mobile catering engineers. Bring the wagon to us, or we'll come to you. We can certify, repair and service almost every type of mobile kitchen setup and have over 10yrs experience in this field.

And if it's not your cooking appliances, but your hot water or heating that needs some help, our engineers are all multi-skilled and we'll ensure that if you need a catering engineer that does boilers too then you'll get the right engineer.