Our office hours can be found on the contact page and these match the core hours offered by our engineering staff for appointments. However we have a flexible workforce and where possible we will try and fit in both early and late appointments on request (Be warned, these can get booked up very quickly). We also have an emergency engineer who is available 24/7... However, this is for emergencies only, see the FAQ item below.
Our emergency engineer is available when nobody else is, we provide this service to deal with issues that may arrise overnight or at weekends. It is upto the engineer's descretion as to what constitues an emergency... Of course floods and gas leaks are always treated as high priority with no hot water for those with young children or the infirm and no heating for those that have no heating during the winter months. We offer a contracted emergency service which gives you priority access to our out of hours service, additionally you must have either used us before, or have a contract in place with ourselves as our emergency engineer deals with emergencies, not billing.
We have a limited number of Saturday appointment slots often available, however you will need to contact us direct to see what's available for your chosen date. During really busy times, we may ask additional engineers to come in and as such some Saturdays will have a higher quantity of slots available.
Yes, we reserve the right to charge extra for non-core hour appointments to reflect the additional labour charge we incur when paying our engineers overtime rates. However, we do try and be as flexible as possible, so if we can offset our engineer's day (Ie; start them late to finish late on your appointment) then there will not be any additional costs incurred. Please contact us to discuss further.
This is London. Our engineer's are used to the challenge of parking in town. If you live on an estate or an area with limited pay by phone parking then yes, we will need a visitors permit to park. We will where possible use phone parking and shared use bays at no charge to yourself, however these need to be available at the time we arrive and of course be within close proximity to your property (Our engineers tool bags can weigh in at 20kg which means we need the space to be reasonably close) so it's best to have a permit available. If you have no suitable parking or permit, we reserve the right to reschedule the appointment or apply penalty charge notices to your final invoice. Please be aware that we have some big vans on our fleet, if you are planning on getting us access to park in an underground carpak, please ensure that the height limit is no less than 2.3m or let our office know in advance.
It is logistically very difficult to offer value for money and timed appointments, predominately as we never know how long a job will take or how bad the traffic will be. As such, we do offer timed appointments on request, but do apply a charge for this service to cover the costs of ensuring engineers are available to meet the agreed appointment.
All of our appointment slots are available on a first come, first served basis. Except when we are dealing with emergencies or clients that have priority support contracts. In general, we will give you an AM or PM appointment with AM's being from 8:00 until 12:30 and PM's being between 12:00 and 5:30. We also have variants of these and can put notes on the engineer's screen should you have school run, etc.
Yes, if you are happy for us to do so. We will collect the keys from a local point or neighbour (As agreed with yourself), enter the property and carry out the work. Lock-up and return the keys from where they came from. All we ask is that you provide a contact number which our engineer can get you on in case they have questions or cannot find something within your property.