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> Last update: 17/10/20 @ 09:26

We are fully operational.

But to keep our clients and engineers safe, we are doing things very differently.
We are following government guidance and keeping a close eye on the situation as it changes.

Working from home

We are keeping our admin team at home which means they do not have access to all the resources that they used to and it will take us longer to process your paperwork and get things organised.

On the road

Our engineers are operating under government guidelines. They all carry PPE and are following additional hygiene routines. We are actively monitoring sickness and engineers are being paid to stay at home if they may be ill or have been told to self-isolate themselves.


Please observe social distancing, we'll try and keep a 2m gap between us and you... This is hard in some homes and impossible in others, but where possible, keep the gap, show the engineer where to go and retreat into another room.


All engineers carry hand sanitiser and are routinely dry washing hands and skin as well as applying sanitiser between jobs. Some may be wearing gloves (Especially if they have cuts and grazes on their hands). If an engineer requests to wash their hands in your sink, we ask clients to allow this, for everyones benefit.

Face coverings

We are requesting that all of our engineers and customers wear a face covering where social distancing is not possible.

We are not forcing engineers to wear face coverings when social distancing is possible or where additional considerations are made. Full information on this policy and be found in our face coverings policy statement.

Wiping down

Where we can, we will wipe down surfaces on completion with anti-bacterial spray... However it's not possible on all surfaces as we do not want to risk damaging any surfaces.

Clear the area

To reduce the risks of surface contamination, clear the area that the engineer needs to work in - We are sorry, but if we move items to get to something, we will not put it back at the moment to help reduce contact time.

Sick/Self isolating or shielding

You must tell us before we attend. We need to manage exposure and if you are sick or shielding we can take steps to lower the risk of you transferring the virus to us or vice versa. We may refuse entry (and charge you for our time) if you are sick or self isolating and we were not told beforehand.

Test & trace

We are operating a NHS Test and Trace service, engineers may request your permission to share data to assist with NHS Test and Trace, we will hold specified contact data for 21 days from the date of visit.

If you get ill or test positive for COVID19 within 7 days of an engineer visit, please let us know so we can take the engineer out of circulation if needed and get them tested.

Paired teams

When you require more than one person, we have "paired" teams, before engineers would work with anyone, we are no longer able to offer this which means there may be an additional wait for booking in double handed work. Likewise for installs, we used to put 3/4/5 engineers on site, this is no longer possible.

Material deliveries

Most of our suppliers operating normally, however we are still experiencing delays with some items - Especially custom made items or those being ordered in from overseas, we will inform you where we experience delays as soon as we become aware of them.

Charges & fees

We may request deposits for more types of work than we usually do. We are temporarily charging a minimum visit fee of £40 for any site that we attend (This includes key collections where keys are unavailable) and have temporarily suspended free quotations. If you are made un-employed through covid and are struggling to settle your bills, please phone us and let us know at the earliest opportunity.

Thank You.

These have been challenging times for everyone and from all of us, thank you for your help and understanding.

We wish you all well and if there are any comments you would like to make or if you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. These are truly challenging times, but we will get through this. As a company we will continue to provide our service to the best of our ability and we will adapt as the situation changes. Once the virus is controlled we will have the financial rebuild of the country to deal with, this will be a long road and we will be here, keeping homes warm, showers hot and people safe from the effects of Carbon Monoxide. Whether a landlord, tenant or business owner, N4 Gas is here to support you.

The dedication shown by some of our engineers since March has been humbling and our clients have been so supportive as we have changed through this period, we cannot thank you enough and look forward to continuing our client relationships and starting new ones as we go forward.

From all of us here - Thank you.