Buying a home or renting one out? Don't leave the gas to chance

Landlords are required by law to have gas installations within their properties inspected and hold documentation to prove this. We can carry out this gas safety inspection with ease. Whether you need us to arrange with the tenant, would like to be present or access via keys - Our friendly team will do what we can to ensure your certification goes smoothly.

If you are buying a home, either to live in or rent out, we offer home buyer inspections. As a heating system and gas installation is not covered by the majority of surveys, our buyers inspection service is a detailed look at the heating, hot water and gas infrastructure in a home, allowing you to make informed decisions about your new purchase.

Stay safe
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Certifications Available...

This is the traditional CP12 certificate required under the Gas Installation & Use Regulations. It covers landlords liability for maintaining gas appliances within their properties and must be conducted at least once, every 12 months.

Rent a property out that has a bottled gas bar-b-que in the garden, or maybe a patio heater? You may need our LPG safety inspection as well to ensure compliancy for your additional appliances - These are often overlooked, but we believe in a thorough job.

Home Buyer Inspections provide a detailed report on the heating, hot water and gas systems within a property by one of our specliast engineers. These are semi-technical inspections and do not include a service as they are often carried out on behalf of a 3rd party (The potential buyer). We will identify age, condition and expected remaining life as well as any safety defects that may be present on the installation.