All gas appliances should be serviced annually to ensure their safe and efficient operation. We offer a full service package for every type of heating and hot water generating appliance.

We offer annual servicing on all types, makes and models of gas appliances. Routine maintenance and servicing helps to identify problems before they become apparent, ensure safe operation of an appliance and can help extend an appliances lifespan. We carry out servicing to industry standard specifications and offer a standard service for all appliances which is carried out to the accepted industry standard for an appliance type (Ie: Cooker, fire, boiler, etc) or for certain appliances, we offer an extended service option. This extended option is aimed at getting the ultimate performance and care from an appliance.

Stay safe
Stay safe - Stay warm

Our standard service option is the same as British Gas/HomeServe/etc and generally takes between 25 to 45 minutes per appliance as we use a combination of calibrated machinery and industry acceptd tests to identify both the condition of the appliance and it's functionality. This type of service is available every type of appliance.

Our enhanced service option is for certain boilers, gas fires and other more specialist gas appliances. These can take upto 2hrs to undertake and will include all of the standard tests, but will incorporate the replacement of what we consider "high wear" parts, topping up of system chemicals and a physical look into the internal condition of the appliance. To explain this better, consider a car can have a standard service with an oil change or a high mileage service which includes thngs like the timing belt and plugs. Our enhanced service is the latter option.

In all of our service options for heating and hot water boilers, we will look at your system and if requested; bleed radiators, check HW temperatures and address any minor issues or questions that you might have about how your system operates or how to get the best out of your system.

If you rent the property out, we can also bolt on a landlord gas safety certification to any of our appliance services for a nominal fee. If you have all of your gas appliances serviced or have an enhanced service on your boiler, just tell us and we'll carry out the additional landlord checks and issue a certificate free of charge.

Whenever you get an appliance serviced through us, our engineer will issue a "record of service" electronically which documents all readings taken from the appliance along with comments as to it's condition and recommendations to get the very best from the appliance. If it's a boiler service, remember to leave out the boiler's service record so our engineer can sign that off too.

Naturally aspirated boilers need to be kept clean on the inside to run efficiently and safely. Even our standard service includes a dust round and clean inside the actual chamber, something you'll rarely see these days with a lot of other companies. Forced draught burners generally don't need as much of a scrub down though as they are designed to operate in their sealed enclosure and their service actions dictated through age and planning.

Where possible, our gas engineers will take flue gas readings using calibrated instruments to ensure optimal operation of your appliances. Plus we'll capture the screens and make them available to you so you have an accurate record of each annual visit. Every appliance is different and by keeping a log of how your appliance is from day 1, will help identify issues when it comes to them later years.