Engineering operations: Active. Essential works and works where social distancing is achievable.

Office operations: Working from home. They have access to limited resources during this period.

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We have reduced the content on this page to make it clearer for our clients...

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Managing our risk of contagion

We have been working throughout the peak of the virus and are confident that we can work safely within client premesis. Our policies are changing all of the time as we adapt to the current situation, however as it stands today...

Help us to keep you safe
  • Clear the area that the engineer needs to get to.
  • Stand back, show them where to go and retreat into another room if possible.
  • Let us know if you are sick or have been recently ill with the virus.

Whilst engineers are on site:

  • Engineers may require access to running water with soap and a clean towel or disposable paper towel.
  • PPE deployed is based on risk assessement, in most cases this will consist of gloves and a face covering.
  • Clients are requested to keep a gap of 2m between them and the engineer.
  • Clients are requested to retreat into another room of the property once our engineer has been shown where they need to access whilst the works are carried out. We understand personal security concerns, and we are happy for doors to be left open, we just want to maintain the largest gap practically possible between people.
  • We will not require signatures from clients during this period, however we may take photographic evidence of works completed.
  • Engineers will keep visits to a minimum, all paperwork and followup work will be completed away from client premises in their vans or when they get home.
  • We ask that all surfaces around the appliance(s) to be worked on to be cleared of personal effects to reduce surface contamination.
  • Any personal effects moved by our engineer to make access will not be returned to their original position to reduce surface contamination.
  • We will wipe down key surfaces where possible with anti-bacterial spray.

In the background, what we are doing:

  • Engineers are being instructed on contamination and decontamination processes.
  • Engineers are dry washing and decontaminating skin/hands before and after visits.
  • Engineers are following donning/doffing policies of PPE application.
  • Vehicles are being run with "clean" and "dirty" sides.
  • Engineers showing any signs of symptoms are being paid to stay at home.
  • Engineers are being kept away from our office and we are monitoring engineer and client sickness to remove engineers from the field that may be carriers of the virus.

We ask that if you become unwell within 5 days of a visit from one of our engineers, please let us know straight away. By monitoring both our engineer and client health we stand a better chance of ensuring that we do not have any asympomatic engineers active.

Engineers may be wearing face coverings or masks depending on risk perceived.

If you have issues with face coverings being worn, please let the office staff know. We are aware that some clients can feel uncomfortable when they cannot see the face of a person and we are trying to be as sensitive as possible to our customer needs during this period.

Landlord duties explained

Landlords have a legal duty to ensure that any property they let out has it's gas appliances and flues checked for safety at least once every 12 months. This inspection cannot "run over" (Even during lock-down periods). Where a landlord allows an inspection to run over they could be fined or face imprisonment.

N4 Gas Ltd will continue to carry out landlord gas safety inspections where it is safe for us to do so and where all parties agree to our attendance.

Boiler servicing for warranty validation

Most manufacturer's have published their own guidance and most are allowing extensions and variations in their warranty requirements to accomodate virus lock down difficulties:

Shielding and clients in self-isolation

You must inform us prior to our visit if you are shielding, in self isolation with active symptoms or have had active symptoms within the past 14 day period. We will attend for safety related issues, and where there is a total failure of the heating or hot water system. We may request a video call where possible prior to the visit to assess the situation and environment that we are expecting our engineers to work in.

  • Engineers will be wearing additional PPE.
  • You may not approach the engineer or attempt physical contact with the engineer in any way.
  • You should ensure the working area is cleared of all personal effects.
  • We will only be attending for water and gas leaks as well as total failure of either your heating or hot water system.
  • Shielded: The engineer will remove all PPE and materials from the area as well as wipe down hard surfaces in the immediate vacinity of the appliance.
  • With active symptoms: The engineer will bag up and leave used PPE at your front door on exit which you will be required to dispose of after 72hrs. We will not be able to use dust sheets.

Charges during this period

In order to keep our business active during this period and on the other side of the virus, we have implemented a temporary pricing policy.

  • There is a minimum charge of £40 for any visit, whether complete or aborted. This includes visits where we are unable to gain access due to illness.
  • We are applying a charge for commercial clients requiring key collections in certain circumstances.
  • We may request payment up front for any labour and/or parts proposed.
  • Finance is available on request for new boiler installations.

If you are financially struggling and require our services, please let our office know and we will look at each case on it's own merit. Please ensure any invoices are paid on time so we can ensure our engineers get paid and can continue to provide a service to all of our clients.

Thank you!

I would personally like to thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times. Never in my life did I ever expect for the world to be so turned upside down and we will get through this. To all of our wonderful customers, please stay safe and well. If there is anything we can do to help, please ask!