Over the past few months we have been seeing our costs rise considerably and as the country rebuilds after Covid and with the uncertainty around Brexit and the Ukraine, we are having to alter some things to ensure we can ride the storm and continue to provide our services going forward.

With this in mind, we'd like to let you know that from the 1st April, 2022 we shall be increasing prices across our range of service offerings. It's something we really did not want to do, but it is essential that we do this to ensure we can continue operating in these uncertain times.

The cost of Diesel, energy, raw materials and general operating costs have soared of late and we do not see these costs reducing for some time. To ensure the stability of the company and our staff, we are taking this unfortunate step.

Who will be affected?

All of customers will be affected by this increase in prices.

Those on contracts which are at fixed costs will be contacted with new rates where applicable.

How much is the increase?

On average, clients will see a £5 to £10 increase on their bills.

Our rates calculator will reflect the changes from the 1st April however we are restricting our price increase to our labour rate only which will help us cover our increased operating cost of keeping the engineers on the road.

What else are we doing?

We have made massive changes over the past 3 years to help reduce our costs and ensure stability following Covid. We started seeing costs increase at the start of the pandemic and successfully managed the change by altering the way we work, but it's not enough to keep going with these additional pressures.

Over the past 3 years we have seen the introduction of new suppliers, eco friendly vans and the reduction of our office overheads by setting our staff up at their homes.

We will continue to make changes by introducing new payment systems and software to help manage our day to day operations and help us distribute the burden of costs across the board, from both our efficiency of operations to keeping our staffing costs low.

Struggling to pay your bill?

We know that times are tough and that the cost of living has considerably increased for everyone. As such, we are increasing our prices at the minimum rate that we need to, to continue operating effectively.

However, if you are struggling to pay your bill, please let us know at the earliest opportunity so we can work with you to come to an arrangement which can work for us both.